We design PV Car Parks in order to optimize our custumers self-consumption of energy

Our patented structure system allows the insertion of special solar panels in the rooftop of the parking, in a watertight and safe way.

The use of double-glazed photovoltaic panels will let 12% of the daylight pass through the roof, creating a pleasant light and shade environment in the parking.

All our Projects contemplate the incorporation of Electric Vehicles charging points and the connections with the self-consumption units: schools, sports centers, companies, hospitals, etc.

We will make 100% of the Solar Car Park investment (public or private) and we will build them, for the customers that are commitment to self-consume the energy generated in their installations.

In these long-term agreements, the customer receives important discounts on the price they are used to pay for the energy. On top the customer also receives with green energy certificates, while developing sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint of their company or municipality.

Our Car Parks are build with the users safety in mind, with the use of efficient led lighting and video surveillance systems.

We can build an expandable infrastructure for Electric Vehicle Chargers, with normal and fast chargers, which efficiently take advantage of the energy generated by the solar rooftop installation.

We create a large shade space that can be adapted to other municipal leisure and recreation needs.

We will apply to the grid operator for a connection point of the contracted power, and we will register the clients’ company or public buildings as self-consumption units according to RD 244/2019 in Spain and under the different laws and regulations in the rest of the European Union countries and outside the EU.

We will issue renawable origin certificates according to the criteria of the CNMC- National Commission of Markets and Competition in Spain, and deliver them to the self-consuming customers for the justification of reducing their carbon footprint.

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Parking execution process


Letter of intention (LOI).


Application request for a connection point to the grid.

Environmental and public utility authorizations.


Obtaining the construction permit and payment of the necessary taxes.


Building of the Car Port structure.

Construction inspection and completion certificate.


Access contract to the distribution network.

Registration in the regional register of energy producers.

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